Seo Ji Hye Discusses How She Maintains Her Figure With SURE

On March 7, Seo Ji Hye transforms into a spring goddess for a photo shoot with beauty and style magazine SURE. Surrounded by a flower garden-like background, she shows off an ethereal beauty that is out of this world.

seo ji hye

In the interview, Seo Ji Hye mentions how it is her first time working with writer Kim Soo Hyun, in her latest work, SBS’s weekend drama, “Yeah, That’s How It Is,” as well as her attitude when approaching her role. She also divulges her tricks to maintaining her figure, and says that she has been doing pilates for the past seven years. In addition, Seo Ji Hye recently started ballet last year as well. 

seo ji hye 3

She also reveals that she eats mainly salads, fruits, and other low-calorie foods in order to maintain her figure. Seo Ji Hye explains, “It’s not because I’m trying to diet, but rather I’m trying to have a good body, in a healthy way. I make my own recipes, such as taking out one piece of bread and adding more vegetables when eating a hamburger.”

Seo Ji Hye’s photo shoot and interview can be found in SURE’s March edition.

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