INFINITE’s L Cast in First Lead Role for Upcoming Drama

INFINITE’s L has been cast as the lead for an upcoming joint drama between Korea, China, and Japan.

According to news outlet Ilgan Sports, L will be appearing in a drama titled “The Blue of My Heart” (working title).

L will be portraying Kang Jae Ho who falls in love with the Philippines after vacationing there. He ends up setting up a small travel agency there named Happy Walking.

His character is described as having a bright personality and a real people person. While being honest he is also very proud. He’s great at cooking but not good at drinking alcohol. Although his agency only has one driver and two tour buses, his business is growing and receiving more requests.

The drama’s storyline involves a love story between a global pop star and a travel agency employee. Apparently, there will be many scenes involving the entertainment and broadcasting industries. Writer Yoo Young Eun who previously wrote “Glowing She” and “Romance Island” will be penning “The Blue of My Heart.”

L has previously shown off his acting chops in various dramas including “She’s So Lovable,” “Cunning Single Lady,” and more.

“The Blue of My Heart” is expected to have a total of 10 hour-long episodes. Filming will start in April and continue until June. The drama aims to air in Korea, China, and Japan at the same time. It is currently in talks with MBC Dramanet.

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