Jessie J Mentions “Produce 101” on Her Facebook, PD Responds

Pop star Jessie J is garnering attention for her mention of a performance of “Produce 101” on her Facebook page.

On March 9, Jessie J uploaded on her SNS page a video from the show, adding a note, “Check out the contestants from Produce 101 performing ‘Bang Bang’!”

Jessie J

The video was from the March 4 episode of the Mnet survival show “Produce 101” in which a dance team performed her song “Bang Bang.” Their interpretation of the song drew a lot of attention initially and has once again become the spotlight of many new viewers through Jessie J’s shout out.

On this episode, Jeon Somi had even said, “If Jessie J follows our dance, it would be such an honor.”

The PD of the show, Han Dong Cheol, responded in an interview on March 10, saying, “I’ve heard about Jessie J’s response. I was so proud. I haven’t seen the original post that she uploaded. But just the fact that she wrote something about ‘Produce 101’ is something to be proud of. It’s such an honor that the original singer of the song has mentioned our show. And I’m also proud that our contestants performed it so well. Our plan was to have the original artist’s reaction like this. And since it actually happened, I’m proud. We will tell her thank you. I hope to invite her on the show too. I want to thank her one more time.”

Here’s to hoping that Jessie J will make a visit to the show!

Check out their dance below:

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