Honey Lee and Oh Yeon Seo Show Off Exceptional Female Chemistry

Oh Yeon Seo and Honey Lee are rewriting the history of the chemistry between female actors in “Please Come Back, Mister.

In the SBS drama “Please Come Back, Mister,” Oh Yeon Seo plays the resurrected Han Hong Nana, who is originally Han Ki Tak (Kim Su Ro), and Honey Lee plays Song Yi Yeon, Han Ki Tak’s lover. Though Han Hong Nan seems like a female from the outside, she still stays near Song Yi Yeon to keep her safe.

Chemistry between the actors is very important in a drama because it helps attract viewers and catch their attention. However, there is more than just chemistry for men and women couples. Recently, viewers have been praising bromances as well. Though it may not be emotions of love, the chemistry between male actors are receiving love from viewers.

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In “Please Come Back, Mister,” Oh Yeon Seo and Honey Lee’s womance is receiving as much love as Kim Su Ro and Kim In Kwon’s bromance. It is no understatement that the bond between the two beautiful actors is rewriting the history of female chemistry.

Oh Yeon Seo and Honey Lee’s acting skills are definitely a contributing factor to their chemistry. Not only do they give their all while acting comically, but they even manage to share their emotions with each other as well.

The two actresses are a pair to look out for during the end of the year awards for the Best Couple Award.

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Watch the latest episode below.

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1097507v-please-come-back-mister-episode-6

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