Exclusive: DAY6 Can Hardly Wait to Party in the USA

Did you know that DAY6 is coming to the states just next month? Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready. Jazzy Group hooked us up with a written interview with the members to prove exactly how excited they are to come to the U.S. and to remind you all that the shows will be absolutely ah-mazing.

1. Will this be anyone’s first time in the States?

Young K: First for Wonpil and Dowoon.

Wonpil: This will be my first time.

Jae: Not Cali but first time in Orlando. Disneyland babyyyyyyy.

Sungjin: First visit to US for Wonpil and Dowoon.

Dowoon: This will be my first time.

2. Which city are you most looking forward to visiting? Why?

Young K: All three are new to me. That’s why I am looking forward to visiting all of them.

Wonpil: I want to walk the evening street of San Francisco.

Jae: Orlando. Cause Disneyland. Cause I needa cop another crewneck. Mine from college is all worn out. And turkey legs. Do they have those there?

Sungjin: L.A. Jae had lived there for a long time, so maybe I can have a chance to share his memory.

Dowoon: Orlando. Just heard of its name, Orlando makes me excited!

3. Jae and Young K, what are you most excited about being reunited with in North America?

Young K: The fact that I can let my friends in Canada to show me on the stage once again.

Jae: The one that breaks my heart the most every time I gotta leave the home. My love. My Chipotle.

4. Can you give us any hints about what to expect from your show?

Young K: Energy. We will give our audiences a big energy. When the audiences receive and enjoy such big energy we’ve given them, the energy will be redoubled. It’s a positive cycle.

Wonpil: Let me keep it secret! ^^

Jae: Mmmmmm I’d say expect to be very tired when you’re done. Cause we dancing tonight.

Sungjin: New!!!

Dowoon: Jumping?

5. How is your new album prep going?

Young K: We are putting our utmost efforts. It will be worth of your expectations.

Wonpil: We’ve been dedicated to this album as well. You may have different impression from the first album.

Jae: Awesome. Per usual you can expect the shizaams and bzaangs of our musicality. We experimented new sounds with a couple songs but mostly went back to rock’s base roots for the majority of the album. You know what that means. Guitar solo babbyyyyy.

Sungjin: All prepared. Now it is time to show you!

Dowoon: More sophisticated and exciting songs than the previous album.

6. Can you give us any hints about your upcoming album?

Young K: I’m glad to let you hear the music you’ve never expected from the K-Pop.

Wonpil: We will let you dream.

Jae: Hints are hard, lets do facts. It’s gonna be amazing. You’re going to want it. So pre-order before it sells out and you’re sad. Then we’re sad, then everybody’s sad.

Sungjin: Just as our first album, various styles of music are included. This album bears much musical color than the first one.

Dowoon: This album is somewhat dreamlike.

7. Have you been studying English to prepare for U.S.A Fan Meeting? Are Jae and Young K any help?

Wonpil: Always helpful. I am always full of curiosity and then just ask. I think studying English is a lifelong task.

Jae: Is Jae any help? Please. I’m like the Mr. Miyagi of the English language in this household. Wax on Wax off all day. Hrm… that’s a good theme… Drake should write a song.

Sungjin: I’m trying to better at English communication and studying English in my spare time.

Dowoon: Little by little. Some of our members are almost English native, so I am counting on them.

8. Jae, you’re known to be quite the social media master. Do you have any tips for hashtagging?

Jae: Hrm. On SNS… I’m kinda just me. Tips? Make really weird friends. I know when you’re younger your ultimate objective in life is to be with the popular kids but It’s been proven that the weird kids become successful in adulthood. True story, look it up. The key to success, be weird. And cocoa butter. Blessup.

 9. Do you have any words for Soompiers?

Young K: Please show your support for DAY6 down the road. We will do our best to be better.

Wonpil: Sincerely thank you for your interest and affection for DAY6. We will make it up to you with a great song.

Jae: Soompiers. My favorite kpop outlet. Peace and love my brothers. Godspeed.

Sungjin: Thank you very much for your constant support. DAY6 will be going forward! Looking forward to it!

Dowoon: Thank you very much for your keen interest. DAY6 will do more hard work.


Source: Tumblr

Have the members convinced you that you need to see them when they’re in the states? Here’s the ticketing information:

Los Angeles (Club Nokia) on April 13th: Tickets here.

San Francisco (The Warfield) on April 15: Tickets here.

Orlando (House of Blues) on April 17: Tickets here.

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