Namgoong Min Caught Off Guard by Debut Clip Revealed on “SNL Korea”

“SNL Korea” revealed a clip of Namgoong Min‘s debut days.

On the recent episode of “SNL Korea 7,” actor Namgoong Min appeared and talked about how he feels playing antagonistic roles so often.

Namgoong Min says, “I’ve been losing my identity because I’ve been so absorbed in playing antagonists.”

At this, Shin Dong Yup explains, “Namgoong Min is actually really innocent and nice,” complimenting the actor’s actual personality. He continues, “Namgoong Min, you debuted as a VJ, didn’t you?”

namgoong min SNL Korea2

Namgoong Min suddenly looks flustered, but Shin Dong Yup says, “Let’s look back at that time. Let’s go back to your roots,” and reveals a clip of Namgoong Min when he worked as a cameraman. In the video, Namgoong Min is talking on a variety show.

namgoong min SNL Korea3

After watching the video, Namgoong Min jokingly falls back into antagonist mode and shouts, “Stop this now!”

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