T-ara Doles Out Member Superlatives: Biggest Eater, Most Aegyo, and More

On March 12, T-ara held a Naver V App live broadcast from Vietnam.

During the broadcast, entitled “Mini Talk in Saigon,” T-ara connects with their fans in Vietnam and the rest of Asia.

The members answer live questions submitted by Vietnamese fans, including, “Which member gets dolled up the most before going out,” “Which member eats the most,” “Which member cooks the best,” and “Which member has the most aegyo.”

The girls select a member for each question through casting votes.

Member Qri is selected as the one who gets dolled up the most before going out. She comments, “I like getting dolled up. It’s fun.”

Hyomin and Qri tie for the member who eats the most. Hyomin comments, “I actually share a room with Qri. We order delivery the most.”

Hyomin is selected again for a food-related superlative, this time for being the best cook.

Member Eunjung gets the most votes for having the most aegyo. “I guess [I have the most aegyo]. I’ve been selected for the seventh year in a row,” Eunjung says.

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