Yoo Jae Hwan Confesses He Once Tried Swimming While Drunk

On the March 13 broadcast of “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show,” Yoo Jae Hwan confesses that he once tried swimming while drunk (and gets scolded by DJ Park Myung Soo).

While as a guest on the radio show, Yoo Jae Hwan listens to some spring-themed songs and reminisces about his times as a college freshman.

He explains, “I remember I once made a mistake when I went to a college gathering. We went to [the popular college trip destination] Kangchon, and I ended up going in the river after drinking too much.”

Host Park Myung Soo expresses his disapproval, “You should never do that,” and Yoo Jae Hwan replies, “I know. You should never, ever do that. At the time, people dragged me out of the water.”

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