Choo Sarang Keeps a Secret From Her Dad on “The Return of Superman”

Though Yuto seems to be the love of Choo Sarang’s life, she firmly stated that she would not be marrying him.

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman” aired on March 13, Choo Sung Hoon asks Sarang whom she likes these days, since in the past she has liked Yuto and Manse. When she says it is a secret, he asks her to pick between Yuto and Manse, and she picks Yuto. He then asks her to pick between her mom Yano Shiho and Yuto.

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After some hard pondering, Sarang picks Yuto.

“Does that mean you will be marrying Yuto?” Choo Sung Hoon asks.

Surprisingly, Sarang says no in a firm attitude.

Yet when Choo Sung Hoon asks her who she will be marrying then, she says, “I told you that is a secret,” and remains silent on the topic. Choo Sung Hoon wants to know why she has so many secrets these days, and she answers, “Because it’s fun to have a lot of secrets.”

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