Gary Promises to Live for Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man”

Gary has once again proclaimed his feelings for Song Ji Hyo!

On the episode of SBS’s “Running Man” that aired on March 13, the members’ survival skills are tested in the desert for the second part of the Dubai special.

As Gary takes care of Song Ji Hyo during dinner, she comments, “Why are you suddenly treating me so well?”

running man 1

She is giving him the cold shoulder because he had previously treated her with no mercy during a game that would decide who would be sleeping in the desert, instead of a hotel. Gary replies, “I’m really regretful.”

running man 2

“Tomorrow I will live for you,” he tells her. “I promise to that full moon.”

However, Song Ji Hyo is quick to turn him down, making everyone laugh at her firm attitude.

Watch the episode in full below!

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