Song Ji Hyo Sets Her Mouth on Fire With Spices On “Running Man”

On March 13, SBS‘s “Running Man” aired the second part of its Dubai special, titled “The Secret of Dubai’s Legend.” Along with guests Jung Il Woo and Lee Da Hae, they set off on a race to find the Golden Cricket.

The members go to a market, where they must choose to go to a spice store, gold store, or fabric store in order to complete a mission.

Song Ji Hyo, Yoo Jae Suk, and Haha choose the spice store and are given a spice to try while their eyes are closed. They must then buy the exact same spice, only with the taste as a clue.

While Yoo Jae Suk complains that he doesn’t know, Song Ji Hyo begins to deduce, “It’s a completely new taste to me. It’s spicy, a popping taste.” Once she gets to the spice store, she looks around, and decides to try a couple of them out. When she spies whole black and white pepper, she bravely takes a bite, but immediately regrets it.

At the more than expected heat, she can barely speak and only comments, “Very hot.”

song ji hyo running man 2

She then tries one more spice, but unfortunately takes a bite out of something even spicier. She becomes flabbergasted and can’t stop jumping around at the spiciness. Even after taking a gulp of water, the spiciness refuses to die down, and she continues to experience the pain.

Watch her spicy experience below!

Also, catch the full episode below!

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