The Ultimate Playlist of B.A.P's Best B-Side Tracks

With their upcoming series of tours and concerts, our charming and talented boys from B.A.P really have it going. Hit after hit, their songs have been instant and certified chart toppers with their addictive and soulful melodies.

B.A.P’s hit songs aren’t the only ones that can capture our hearts and ears; their b-side or unreleased tracks are most certainly worthy of recognition, too.

Let’s count down B.A.P’s awesome b-sides:

10. Dancing in the Rain (No Mercy, 2012)

With a very upbeat, party vibe, “Dancing in the Rain” is a track that will definitely perk up a long drive or a slow Monday morning. Singing about the surreal feeling of being with the person you love the most, this song is absolutely perfect for recalling those special moments with your significant other.

9. Lovesick (First Sensibility, 2014)

Ever missed someone dearly? This song is for you. “Lovesick” is a slightly upbeat track that sings of a confession that’s longing to come out. Imagining someone singing this to you will surely sweep you off your feet!

8. Shady Lady (First Sensibility, 2014)

One of the grooviest tracks in the list, “Shady Lady” has a smooth, sexy RnB vibe to it. Not to mention B.A.P’s wonderful blending of voices, this song is one for keeps.

7. My Girl (Carnival, 2016)

Another heartwarming confession song from our boys, “My Girl” is one of the tracks from their newest album, “Carnival.” Constantly being referred to as a “shining star” will truly make your heart float on cloud nine!

6. Save Me (First Sensibility, 2014)

“Save Me” is a dark yet swag-filled song from “First Sensibility.” It has a strong, thematic feel to it, despite talking about redemption from an unfaithful partner. Love is pain, indeed.

5. Bow Wow (Badman, 2013)

This groovy, laid back track has a whole storyline to it. Basically, “Bow Wow” is a song explaining how men can be really visual at times and can’t help but look at pretty, confident girls for a moment or two.

4. Body & Soul (First Sensibility, 2014)

Four words to describe this song: sexy, slow, passionate, and smooth. B.A.P’s vocals are on point here.  You can really sense the intimate feel to “Body & Soul” not only with its lyrics, but with the overall rhythm as well. Slay, babies, slay!

3. SNS (First Sensibility, 2014)

“SNS” is another sexy B.A.P song, but with an upbeat, groovy feel to it. The boys’ vocals here are beyond sensual.

2. Blind (Matrix, 2015)

An emotional song, “Blind” tells of a betrayed feeling from an ex-lover who left you for another. You can actually feel the mixed feelings of pain, anger, loneliness, and regret from this song.

1. 오늘은 꼭/Definitely Today (B.A.P Unplugged 2014)

How did it feel to finally confess your love for someone? “오늘은 꼭 (Definitely Today)” perfectly captures that feeling you get when you’re about to confess your love. Other than being purely heartwarming, this song is very relaxing as well and perfect for those long drives or if you just want to chill.

Did we miss some B.A.P B-side tracks that are worth mentioning as well? Let us know in the comments below!

karriesmatic is a certified BIGBANG VIP who loves to watch episodes from “The Return of Superman,”  “1 Night and 2 Days,” and “Running Man” in her free time.

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