So Yi Hyun and In Gyo Jin Celebrate Daughter’s First 100 Days

So Yi Hyun and In Gyo Jin celebrated the 100th day since their baby’s birth.

On March 13, So Yi Hyun posted on her Instagram, “100 days. Like every other parent, I am thankful to my baby for growing up so well… I will make sure to always treasure this gratitude ♡.”

In the revealed picture, So Yi Hyun and In Gyo Jin’s daughter Ha Eun is wearing a cute dress. In another photo, she is placed between her parents, who have wide smiles plastered on their face as they look at her with loving eyes.

“Thank you Ha Eun for coming to us, even though we’re never enough. Mommy and daddy cherish every moment with you. Though we still have a lot to learn, we will keep on working. We’ll become a good mommy and daddy,” So Yi Hyun added. “I love you, my daughter. And thank you to my family who took the time to celebrate my baby. I love you all!”

Meanwhile, So Yi Hyun and In Gyo Jin tied the knot in 2014 and gave birth to a baby girl last December.

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