Vote For Your Favorite Couple in Shippers' Contest, Round 2: Fanarts

Hi Soompiers! We’re back again with the second round of our third annual Shippers’ Contest, taking place in our forum community. Each of our ten fandoms, ranging from variety show couples to drama couples, have shed blood and tears in preparation for this very moment! For the first round, we had introductory smash poems. This time, it’s beautiful fanart of all kinds! For all the details on this round, click here.

Check out the couples, then vote on the last page of the article! You can vote once every six hours from now until March 19, 11:59 p.m. KST. We will delete all spam votes, so don’t even try!

Happy voting and may the best couple win!


Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon (SiSo Couple)

“Three handmade vintage paintings on chopping boards by transferring pictures to wood. The pictures have an old rustic feel and are not photoshopped. The reason of using chopping boards is also in-line with SiSo couple’s famous kitchen scenes.”

Click here for the step-by-step process


Kim Jung Hwan & Sung Deok Sun (Gaeddeok Couple)

“Although their first love couldn’t bear any fruit, the flowers that bloomed from it became a beautiful memory. Those memories would stay with them forever, even if they were hidden in a box somewhere inside their hearts. Because each time they think about each other, the box would pop open, flooding their minds with the hidden memories. Their bittersweet memories.”

Click here for a closer look at the treasure box for the Gaeddeok Couple


Oh Min Suk & Kang Ye Won (OhYe Couple)

“Oh Min Suk had been hurt in a relationship before. The same for Kang Ye Won. One day, fate suddenly decides to put them in a marriage on Jeju Island. They barely know each other and awkward moments abound. What ensues in their married life? And what will Kang Ro Mi, their only daughter, do when she finds out she’s having a younger sister, Gwi Yo Mi?”

Don’t miss this “Soompi exclusive OhYe movie” and click here


Jang Wooyoung & Park Se Young (YY Couple)

“‘These children grew up to become a beautiful couple’ was written on the puzzle that Wooyoung and Se Young received on their very first meeting. They both commented that it felt like a fairytale and this inspired the making of this fanart. Each page of this pop-up book depicts an iconic moment in their relationship such as their first meeting, the first time they held hands, and their wedding day. Their love story is truly a fairytale and one for the ages.”

For the visual inside scoop on YY’s love, click here


Ryu Jun Yeol & Park Bo Gum (YeolGum Couple)

“This sunny board game was made based on Youth Over Flowers in Africa. Locations, figures, and animals on the board represent the actual events in the episodes and the cheerful and playful mood of Ryu and Park. YeolGummies hope all Soompiers have as good a time as YeolGum did on their bromoon.”

For instructions on how to play the RYUnique Park board game, just click here


Lee Jong Hyun & Gong Seung Yeon (GongLee Couple)

“They say that you get to know a person when you travel with them. Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon’s three-day, two-night trip to Japan was a milestone in their relationship. Ending the trip with Jong Hyun’s words, he said, “it was a vacation that would fire the future of our married life.” With GongLee’s sincerity during the Japan trip, the artists felt it was right to showcase genuine feelings as much as they, too, genuinely made their artwork.”

Click here for details on the piece for GongLee


Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo (Spartace Couple)

“Based on Running Man, episode 132, where Jong Kook and Ji Hyo had to work together as spies. There was rain, awesome teamwork, and, of course, sweetness overload — signature Spartace. The polaroid they are holding in their hand is a flashback to episode 82 where both were standing under a single umbrella. When Ji Hyo had to give space to the guest, out of all the other cast, she chose to stand with Jong Kook under that umbrella.”

Fall completely in love with Spartace by clicking here


Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young (ChangMin Couple)

Min Young: “After we finished filming, we both texted each other a similar message, ‘it really feels great to meet such a great partner.'”

Chang Wook: “During the filming process, we became very close… actors. Um, when we filmed mutual scenes, we discussed a lot, made jokes, and there were many interesting scenes, so um… I was very happy. It was interesting, communication was good, a happy filming… I have these kind of memories.”

Heal with the power of ChangMin’s love here


Yoo Jung & Hong Seol (Cheesy Couple)

“What do you do when you gouda give justice to the OTP magic that is the Cheesy Couple? Why, you serve up nothing but the dairy best! That’s why we’ve chosen to capture all the brie-lliantly cheesy moments we loved (and imagined) from the drama in the form of comics, as a tribute to its webtoon roots!”

For a whole lotta good, smokey Cheese, click here


Park Bo Gum & Hyeri (SunTaek Couple)

“The Baduk board represents the universe SunTaek live in, with the stones placed like ladders leading to the capture of hearts. This drawing incorporates the cyclical nature of their love, with the motif of innocence. Like the seasons, they grow together with the choices they make for each other. Their relationship defies time, with no ending nor beginning. It simply revolves their world.”

It’s your SunTaek (choice), but you should click here


Remember, you can vote once every six hours, from now until March 19, 11:59 PM KST. For the full and complete list of couples, just click here!

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