Looking Back: Secret9's K-Pop Winter Training Camp

We have some exciting updates from the 2015 Soompi Award’s official sponsor Secret9!

Secret9 recently wrapped up their winter session of their K-pop training winter camp, and let us in on all the details of camp life. The camp ran from February 1-26. Campers were able to participate in training sessions which improved their vocal and dancing skills, and also explore Seoul and learn more about Korean culture.

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What’s it like training at Secret9? Not surprisingly, the schedule is packed! From Monday through Friday campers hustle through the “trainee life,” taking part in dance, vocal, and Korean lessons. In addition, campers also exercise with a personal trainer to get their bodies into idol shape! Secret9 trainees enjoyed their time learning the ropes so much that many chose to stay late in the training center to perfect their singing and dancing.

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At the end of the camp, campers had the opportunity to go through a mock-audition and gauge how much they’d improved through their time at Secret9. Judges provided personalized feedback, gave tips on areas to improve on, and advice on how to achieve the goal of becoming a K-pop star.

After the audition, participants had the opportunity to step into the sound booth and professionally record the song they learned at camp. They also had a professional photoshoot, and posed in front of the camera in professionally done makeup and styling.

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Outside of the training life, campers were able to travel around and explore Seoul. For Fheb, a camper from the Philippines and Dedeni from Mexico, it was an amazing opportunity to see snow for the first time. Even better campers can always explore in the company of new friends made through the program.

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Can’t make it to Seoul to participate? No problem! Secret9 is now preparing an online program to provide K-pop training to more fans worldwide. They are also partnering with a local university, and hope to develop a long-term training program that provides visa sponsorship and housing. We’ll be sure to bring you the update when it happens!

Until then, Secret9 will be running summer sessions in June, July, and August. There are both four-week and two-week programs available. The first four-week summer session begins June 27, while the first two-week program starts on July 11. Check out the homepage for more information.

summer camp schedule

If you’re interested in participating in the summer session, fill out the form below and a member of the Secret9 team will get in touch! Please fill out the form only once.

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