Rookie Group IMFACT Shares Thoughts on Making Debut and Future Goals

In celebration of White Day (March 14), rookie group IMFACT paid a surprise visit to an all-girls school and received a huge welcome from the students.

To share their reason behind this event and hear what they want to say to the fans, IMFACT sat down for an interview to share their thoughts.


It’s been eight weeks since Imfact’s debut. The members shared how they feel so far about having made their debut, saying, “Our 50th day since debut is just around the corner. We want to thank all the fans who have been loving us so far. It’s because of them that we were able to grow in the right direction. We should feel tired but we’re actually full of energy because of the fans’ support. IMFACT will continue on strongly for the next 50th, 100th, 1000th, and 10000th day since debut.”

To spread the love of this new group, the members explained a little about what charms their are, saying, “IMFACT’s charms are sweet and diverse like lollipops. That’s one of the greatest pros about this group, along with the fact that we are always bright and energetic. We want to become a group that can cheer up fans who are feeling down. We want to give fans joy by producing lots of diverse music.”

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