“Running Man” Competes to See Who the Unluckiest Member Is

Who is the unluckiest member of the popular SBS variety show “Running Man?”

On March 15, the official “Running Man” Instagram updated with a post that showed a picture of the cast with the following message written, “Running Man Episode 292 is currently filming the first annual Unlucky Festival in Seoul. One of the most popular questions the writers received from viewers last week was “Who is the unluckiest member?” We have prepared this event to answer that question for you. The most unluckiest member will be the winner today.”

In the picture, you can see the members of “Running Man” standing as they listen to the writers. The funny banner behind the members especially catches your eye as it says “Running Man First Annual Unlucky Festival.”

Make sure you catch this upcoming episode on Viki. You can watch the last episode here below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1096414v-running-man-sand-of-life-dubai-2nd-episode-episode-290

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