Sam Kim From “K-Pop Star” to Finally Debut

Music label Antenna’s first release for 2016 will be singer-songwriter Sam Kim.

On March 16, Antenna and Sam Kim’s official SNS posted a “moving picture” that announced Sam Kim’s debut, three years after his K-pop Star Season 3 appearance. In the picture, he is holding a guitar in a large field, and even the side of his jaw alone shows how much he has changed.

The first part of his debut album “MY NAME IS SAM” will be released on March 28 and is entirely written by Sam Kim. The three pre-released songs will be starting off his official debut.

Sam Kim won second place in SBSK-pop Star Season 3” in 2013-4, and he wowed the judges with his exceptional guitar skills, smooth emotions, and charming voice. Fans are eager to see how he has improved, especially with his new song writing skills, through his debut.

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