Tiffany Shows Off Her Fashion Sense in Paris for InStyle Magazine

InStyle magazine has released their photo shoot with Girls’ Generation member Tiffany, held in Paris during Fashion Week.

In the photos, you can see Tiffany’s perfect visuals combined with her energetic charms. This shoot especially shows off not just her lovable and cute side but also a more mature, natural and cool style as well.

Tiffany went to Paris not just for this photo shoot, however. She went as a representative of Korea for the 2016 F/W Fashion Week collection shows, for brands such as Dior and Hermes. She was able to show the popularity and power of K-Pop to all those in attendance as she was followed by large crowds of fans and photographers everywhere she went.

Moreover, just like the true fashionista she is, she shared about this season’s trends as well as about her upcoming solo album with the magazine.

You can see her interview in the April edition of the magazine.



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