Watch: Red Velvet Surprises With Their Impressive and Hilarious Dance Skills on “Weekly Idol”

Red Velvet appeared on the recent episode of “Weekly Idol” on March 16 and showed how much fun they could have just with music.

The MCs mention that GFRIEND came on the show and did their choreography for “Rough” two times faster than the original tempo. So, the MCs ask Red Velvet to try it, too, with “Dumb Dumb.”

The members first hesitate, saying, “Our choreography has many aggressive parts.” However, they start dancing right away as their song comes on twice as fast. They finish the song without getting any parts wrong!

Red Velvet’s dance skills continue on to the next part of the show, when a fan recalls that Irene had danced to TVXQ’s “Rising Sun” during her high school years. When asked to dance to it now, Irene asks Seulgi to dance with her.

After hesitating a bit, Irene and Seulgi dance to “Rising Sun” very well! After the dance, Irene says, “I did this eight years ago when I was 18,” and surprises herself.

Red Velvet’s crazy dancing does not stop there as the members show their individual free-style dance later on. Their quiet and cute image is nowhere to be seen as the members start to become more and more aggressive with their dance.

They end up surprising the MCs since their behavior is so different from when they are on stage.

Watch Red Velvet’s dance battle below: Source (1)