“Show Me the Money 5” Producers Respond to Accusations of Unfair Tryouts

In the midst of being caught in a controversy that occurred due to a re-trial, Mnet‘s “Show Me the Money 5” addresses the matter, and says that contrary to what he said, rapper Ovan first asked for a re-trial.

On March 16, the producers of “Show Me the Money 5,” responded through OSEN, “The producers were not the first ones to approach rapper Ovan, unlike his claims. The request first came from the other side, and there was a mistake on the producers’ part when handling the situation. We acknowledge our mistake. We’ve confirmed there were dishonest means used, and have properly eliminated him. We have already finished discussing everything with Ovan on March 15.”

Previously, rapper Ovan, who participated in the preliminaries of “Show Me the Money 5,” posted on his personal social media account, “After I was eliminated by Mad Clown on Saturday, I received a call from the producers around 10 a.m. KST the next day, saying that they would like for me to try again. On Sunday, I was accepted by Zion.T. I know that I broke the rules; I wanted to participate that badly, even if it meant using such means. I am sorry. I decide to give it up and that’s why I’m writing this.” His words aroused many suspicions. Since then, his controversial post has been deleted.

Mnet further explains, “Over a two-day period, 9,000 rappers auditioned during the preliminaries. We are continuously checking if there are any dishonest, unfair evaluations. If there are any similar cases, we will make sure to filter them all out, and we will keep in mind to take preventative measures to make sure such situations do not reoccur.”

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