Zion. T Parts Ways With Amoeba Culture, Reportedly Signs With YG Sub-Label

Hip-hop musician Zion. T’s three-year contract with Amoeba Culture has ended.

On March 17, Amoeba Culture released an official statement regarding Zion. T’s departure from the agency.

“Hello. This is Amoeba Culture. After spending three years together, Zion. T’s exclusive contract with Amoeba Culture expired on April 9, 2016.

During that time Amoeba Culture and Zion. T had a relationship beyond simply being just an agency and an agency artist. We relied on each other, made good music, and spent happy moments together. Thus we feel sorry and regret.

However, we respect Zion. T’s decision and desire to have more widespread music related promotions and to develop a new business model, so we have decided to go our separate ways.

Although we cannot be in the same place together, Amoeba Culture will always support Zion. T’s new challenge as he enters a new environment and unfamiliar field in order to fulfill his dreams.

We ask you to cheer on and support Amoeba Culture and Zion. T. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Zion. T has signed with producer Teddy and singer-producer Kush’s new independent label under YG Entertainment. This has yet to be confirmed.

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