Chansung Talks About His Drama Airing at the Same Time as Junho’s New Drama

Looks like the members of 2PM aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition!

At the press conference for his new JTBC drama “Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi” held on March 17, Chansung mentioned of his drama airing at the same time as Junho’s drama with tvN’s “Memory.”

Chansung said, “Coincidentally it is airing at the exact same time as Junho’s. But I like JTBC better. We both received offers for dramas but they happened to be competing dramas. We’re both supporting each other but whenever Junho meets 2PM staff members, he only talks about his own drama. I’m a little sad at that but I’m going to talk about my own drama too then.”

Laughing, he then continued, “We’re both encouraging each other. I want us both to do well. But I think that my drama will have better ratings.”

Chansung is taking on the supporting role of Nam Bong Ki, an outgoing young man who believe that youth equals having fun. The drama is set to premiere on March 18.

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