TWICE’s Tzuyu to Take Junior High School Certification Exam in Taiwan

Girl group TWICE’s Tzuyu plans to attend high school in Korea.

Tzuyu has gone to Taiwan in order to take the exam for junior high education certification. A media outlet in Taiwan reported on March 18 that she hopes to attend high school in Korea.

According to the report, Tzuyu was scouted by a Korean star scouting team while attending her second year of junior high school in Taiwan. As a result, she could not finish junior high school and started working in Korea as one of the girl group members.

This has been a major concern for Tzuyu’s mother which is why Tzuyu decided to return to Taiwan to take the certification exam.

The singer’s representative told the media outlet in Taiwan that, “She will continue onto high school in Korea after she passes the certification exam in Taiwan.”

She will take the junior high education certification exam on March 20 in Taiwan and will return to Korea.

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