Watch: AOA’s Choa Gives Kim Gura an Eyebrow Makeover

AOA’s Choa took it upon herself to tidy up Kim Gu Ra’s eyebrows.

On the episode of MBC’s “The Gifted” aired on March 18, Choa appears as a panel member and says, “I am very interested in beauty. I do my friends’ makeup from time to time,” she says. “I do my own touch-up makeup, as well.”

Taken aback by her extensive knowledge in beauty, the panel members suggest she trims Kim Gu Ra’s eyebrows.

“I need to roast our special guest today, so make me look strong and charismatic,” Kim Gu Ra says.

“To roll with the current trends, I’ll be trimming underneath your eyebrows to give you straight ones,” she explains then starts skillfully working.

kim gu ra choa kim gu ra choa 3

After her quick makeover, the members comment that he looks more polished than before, and Kim Gu Ra, too, is satisfied with the results.

kim gu ra choa 4

Watch Kim Gu Ra’s makeover below!

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