Watch: CLC Plays With Puppy Costume in Practice Video for “High Heels”

As has become traditional in K-pop, Cube Entertainment’s newest girl group CLC has released a dance practice video for their latest track, “High Heels.”

Rather than launch directly into their dance, the girls take the time to explain the two main points of their dance. As Yeeun, Sorn, Seunghee, and Elkie explain each move, members Yujin and Seungyeon wear a giant puppy mask and demonstrate the move.

After the introduction, the girls begin the more typical format of the practice video, dancing in casual clothing in a mirrored training room with a fixed camera. The practice video allows fans to learn a dance without the sometimes confusing camera angles used on music programs.

What do you think of CLC’s “High Heels” dance?

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