GOT7’s Jackson Expresses His Admiration for BamBam’s Mother on “Where Is My Friend’s Home”

GOT7‘s Jackson shows his respect for fellow group member BamBam‘s mother on the latest episode of JTBC‘s “Where Is My Friend’s Home.”

On the March 20 episode of show, the cast members (Yoo Se Yoon, Mikael, Alberto, BamBam, and Jackson) continue their adventures in Thailand. BamBam, who grew up in Thailand, invites everyone to his house for dinner.

As they bond over the meal, Jackson can’t help but express his respect for BamBam’s mother after listening to her stories. “I find it admirable that BamBam’s mother has raised four kids all by herself.” He explains to the other cast members, “BamBam’s father passed away long time ago.”

Everyone immediately turns to BamBam, saying they’re sorry for his loss. “I’m okay now,” BamBam replies.

BamBam’s mother opens up about the experience, “I had never imagined that he would leave us like that. BamBam was only three at the time,” and explains she has taken care of the family since.


In a separate interview, BamBam’s mother expresses her sincere love and gratitude for her son. “He is a son who truly loves his family. I think he’s working hard right now to allow our family to live more comfortably.”

Feeling sorry for sending BamBam to Korea at a young age, she says, “Kids like him should be playing around with their friends, but he has no childhood memories like that.”

“I want to say that I’m extremely grateful to BamBam. Thanks to him, our family is respected and loved by people. And I also got to meet his lovable friends,” she finally thanks her son for everything.

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