Brain Scan Reveals Monday Couple’s True Feelings for Each Other on “Running Man”

The March 20 broadcast of SBS’s “Running Man” was a Q&A episode where the members verified the questions sent by viewers through email.

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For the sake of curious viewers, singer and entertainer Gary and actress Song Ji Hyo went on their first date in six years to find out the truth about the relationship for the “Monday Couple.”

After the date, Gary and Song Ji Hyo received an MRI examination to find out their true feelings for one another through the brain scan.

Song Ji Hyo revealed after the MRI exam, “I hope the fans of the ‘Monday Couple’ accept the results no matter what. I’m pretty sure Gary feels the same way about me the way I feel about him.”

On the other hand, Gary commented nonchalantly, “Ji Hyo, I don’t know what the test results will reveal. But if the test reveals your feelings for me, I’ll reconsider.”

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The doctor who performed the exam commented about Gary’s feeling toward Song Ji Hyo saying, “He feels very stable and familiar around her. No surprises or excitement.”

Regarding Song Ji Hyo’s reaction toward Gary, the doctor also commented, “It’s more like camaraderie. Rather than passionate feelings toward him, it’s more like she feels good around him. You see this type of feelings between the lovers starting out or a couple who have been together for a long time.”

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