Watch: Jung Joon Ha Reunites With Leessang’s Gil At “Show Me the Money 5” Audition

On March 19, MBC‘s “Infinite Challenge” showed scenes of Jung Joon Ha auditioning for Mnet‘s hip-hop survival program, “Show Me the Money 5.” He was dared to try out by Haha, during the “Fortune’s Letter” special of “Infinite Challenge,” where members challenge each other to missions they must complete in 2016 by writing letters. Since then, Jung Joon Ha has been practicing in preparation for the audition.

What is noteworthy here is the fact that this specific episode is the result of the cooperation between an MBC variety program and a variety program from a different broadcasting station, namely Mnet. It is something unheard of, as broadcasting stations usually only allow celebrity news programs to air parts of their programs.

Previously, MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” and SBS‘s “Running Man” explained that a collaboration between the two programs is difficult with the current broadcasting system, even with two overlapping cast members, Yoo Jae Suk and Haha. However, “Infinite Challenge” has managed to overcome that hurdle.

It was ultimately not an easy decision for “Show Me the Money 5” to allow “Infinite Challenge” to show scenes from not only Jung Joon Ha’s audition, but parts of the preliminaries, such as a glimpse at the introduction of judges, as well. In addition, “Show Me the Money 5” is a cable program, while “Infinite Challenge” is not.

During the first round of preliminaries, Simon D was Jung Joon Ha’s judge. The result of his audition and the audition itself were not aired, at “Show Me the Money 5’s” request. It shows how well the collaboration between the two shows clearly differentiated each of their respective fields.

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Also, former “Infinite Challenge” member Leessang‘s Gil, who stopped appearing on programs due to his drunk driving incident back in 2014, has finally returned to broadcasts two years later, as a judge on “Show Me the Money 5.” He and Jung Joon Ha reunite, hugging each other without words. It was win-win situation for both programs, as it was a good promotional outlet for “Show Me the Money,” and “Infinite Challenge” is finally able to address him by name, rather than “that guy.”

Watch the touching reunion, and the moments before and after Jung Joon Ha’s audition below!

Don’t forget to check out the result of Jung Joon Ha’s audition when “Show Me the Money 5” airs on Mnet!

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