N Talks About His New Living Arrangements in Ceci Pictorial

VIXX’s leader N recently posed for a photo shoot for Ceci Korea.

The pictorial features N showing a much softer side of himself compared to his image in VIXX’s strong concepts, such as those in “Chained Up,” “Error,” and “Eternity.”

In the interview portion of the pictorial, N opens up about his role as Ahn Tae Pyung in the upcoming web drama “Tomorrow Boy.” On the topic of his preparation for the role, he says, “I’ve looked at the script a lot. Also, in order to better form ‘Ahn Tae Pyung’ in my head, I’ve been writing a diary as him. A lot of actors have said in interviews that writing diaries as their characters helps them get into character, so I tried it too. But I think they also had more time to concentrate on the character.”

N also talks about his living situation, mentioning that he finally moved into his own bedroom. “We recently moved dorms, so I got to move into my own room, and it’s been fun decorating it. I picked out the wallpaper myself, and I bought a rug, and I bought and assembled a desk by myself with power tools.”

The rest of the interview, as well as the full pictorial, will be available in the April issue of Ceci.

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