Red Velvet Reveals Which Member Is Most Popular With Male Fans

On March 21, Red Velvet were guests on SBS PowerFM‘s “Kim Chang Ryeol’s Old School.”

When asked which member she would date if she was a boy, Red Velvet’s Yeri reveals, “Truthfully, I wanted to say that there are none. I thought about saying Joy, but then Seulgi seemed okay too. Joy seems like someone guys can’t get mad at, because she would act cute if they try to. Seulgi is just cute.”

Then, Red Velvet’s Seulgi is asked who is the most popular with male fans. She explains, “All the members seem to have a lot of popularity amongst male fans, but wouldn’t Joy have the most because of ‘We Got Married?’ At this, Joy couldn’t hide her laughter. Seulgi immediately points out, “I think she’s showing off her lovable charms right now.” However, Seulgi also says that she wouldn’t want to appear on “We Got Married” herself.

Red Velvet is currently promoting their newest song, “One of These Nights.”

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