2PM’s Nichkhun Shares Passion for Acting and Golf in Singles

2PMs Nichkhun recently did a photo shoot with fashion magazine Singles.

He visited Thailand for the shoot and focused on a casual look with various T-shirts and shorts. He put on a contagious smile that made everyone happy despite the hot weather.

As a boy group in their ninth year since debuting, 2PM has been busy with promotional activities in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. All six members have each been spending time on their individual activities in between schedules as well, including acting, appearing on variety shows, and more. Nichkhun revealed that he has been preparing to start his acting career in Korea.

nichkhun singles

He said, “I do feel passionate about acting, but I’m not being picky about my roles. I just want to find one that fits me well. I like humorous, light characters. I believe my time will come if I work hard!”

During the photo shoot and interview, Nichkhun’s manners really stood out. He was the first to organize chairs and hand out drinks to people. When asked if he thinks of himself as a nice person, he replied, “I’m already 29 years old. It’s no fun if someone who’s nearly 30 is just nice. I do speak out if I don’t like something. Some people may take that the wrong way, though.”

Nichkhun also revealed that he’s been really into golfing these days and that it has changed the way he thinks. He explained, “When I golf, I can just forget about everything and focus on myself and the game. Whatever the outcome may be, I know I can’t control that. So that’s why I decided to focus on what I want and love to do.”

Fans will be able to see the complete set of photos and interview in the April Issue of Singles’.

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