10 Crazy Facts About “Bromance” Star Bii

Were you curious about Du Zi Feng’s flower boy bestie Wei Qing Yang in the gender-bending Taiwanese drama “Bromance“? For those unfamiliar with the actor Bii (pronounced “bee”), here’s the complete lowdown.

1. The stage name “Bii” stands for “Be I, I”, alluding to his dual identities.

Born to a Korean mother and Taiwanese father, he was born and raised in South Korea, but only held Taiwanese nationality due to Korean laws. His Korean name is Pil Seo Jin.


2. He did not learn to speak Chinese until he came to Taiwan in 2006 to train for his debut.

His family lives in Korea and they communicate solely in Korean. When he was young and his dad’s friends would call, the only Chinese he could say was, “My dad is not home.”


3. “Bromance” is his first major acting role.

He previously only held cameo roles in three dramas: “Someone Like You,” “Love Around,” and “Zhong Wu Yan.”


4. He fulfilled his mandatory military duty in Taiwan because he was constantly called a sissy by his management boss.

One night on the way back from watching a performance he was teased again by his boss. Fed up, he decided to shave his head that night and enlist. He says the military was a good experience and greatly helped improve his Mandarin.


5. He is a leftie.

For most tasks like playing the guitar or drawing, he is a leftie but for other tasks like writing or eating, he uses his right hand.


6. He was scouted by an SM talent agent during high school.

However, the opportunity did not lead anywhere because his mother did not approve of him becoming a singer. Still, he did not give up on his dream and at age 17 signed with his current manager and boss, whom he met through his father’s friend.


7. He debuted as a singer in Taiwan with the single album “Bii” in 2010.

The single was a moderate success and his boss agreed to release a full album under the condition that he collect 10,000 thumbprints from fans. Fans from all over the world took on the challenge and he successfully released his first album, “Bii Story,” but it was the hit song “Come Back To Me” from his second album that boosted his popularity.

8. He composes his own songs and lyrics.

A fun part of his music is how he mixes together different languages in his lyrics. For instance his song “Action Go!” includes Korean, Mandarin, English, and Taiwanese. Even though his albums often include Korean versions of his songs, he is primarily active in Taiwan, not Korea.

9. He wears guyliner and makeup to cover his freckles.

He claims to be able to draw his eyeliner in less than a minute.


10. He has a brother named Pil Seo Young, who is six years younger.

Fans keep hoping that Seo Young will debut also, but he seems happy being a normal guy and has no intentions to become a celebrity. Good genes run in this family for sure though.

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