Choreographer for EXID’s “Up and Down” Talks About Creating the Dance

The choreography of EXIDs wildly popular “Up&Down” song has shared about the response to the dance.

On March 22, Bae Yoon Jung starred on tvN’s “Taxi” with stylist Han Hye Yeon. When she was asked how she came to create that dance, she replied, “Honestly, I didn’t come up with the dance by myself. I made it with my partner Jeon Heung Bok. If you give me an idea, I can express with my body,” giving examples like the Brown Eyed Girls“arrogant dance,” KARA’s “butt dance,” and EXID’s “Up&Down” dance.

In particular, when asked about EXID’s song, she said, “I received a lot of criticism because of it. People said, ‘This choreography is just doing whatever it wants.’ EXID had been promoting on broadcasts and then and stopped, but because of a fancam, they started promoting again. I think there’s a luck to choreography as well.”

Here’s the music video to refresh your memory about the dance. What do you guys think about it?

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