Lee Jong Hyuk Shows How Much His Sons Have Grown Since Leaving “Dad! Where Are We Going”

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk’s sons Taksu and Junsu have grown up a lot since we saw them last on MBC’s “Dad! Where Are We Going.”

On March 22, he made stir-fried chicken for the tvN cooking show “Teacher Baek” and asked his sons to try it out. Junsu came first to his dad while he was cooking. Junsu showed a taller and chubbier side to him since leaving the popular MBC family variety show.

When someone said said, “Junsu has gained some weight,” Lee Jong Hyuk replied, “He really eats a lot” with a proud smile.

His older son Taksu showed off a dependable hyung side as he walked in wearing his school uniform. He drew more attention for his more manly side that he showed in his appearance.

Lee Jong Hyuk

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