Song Joong Ki’s Personality Isn’t as Soft and Sweet as His Looks

Song Joong Ki is currently one of the hottest actors around, with his role in the popular KBS2 drama, “Descendants of the Sun.” Since his debut in 2008, he’s been steadily improving himself to get to where he is today.

He is currently acting as Captain Yoo Si Jin of special forces, a character so perfectly matched with the actor that Song Hye Kyo says, “Who else would act this character if not Song Joong Ki?” Jin Goo also mentions, “He’s cool even from a guy’s standpoint.”

The reason for the character’s popularity is his “manliness” in approaching love straightforwardly, even with humor, and other admirable characteristics such as leadership and a sense of responsibility fit for an officer. Song Joong Ki’s trademark-like clear skin and good looks, as well as a muscular body, completes the character.

Song Joong Ki mentions, “I usually don’t care about keeping in shape, but I thought it was necessary for the role. I wanted to become a Yoo Si Jin that people would remember when Song Hye Kyo or melodrama were brought up. Because it’s a melodrama!” Similar to other actors, he also says that he would do anything that is necessary for a role or production.

Since the drama was 100 percent pre-produced, Song Joong Ki says, “Normally, when I’m filming for a drama, there’s a lot of times when I have to watch the re-broadcast, or watch it in the car. Sometimes I’m unable to watch it at all, so with this drama, I’m watching it comfortably at home like a normal viewer. The only thing is that since I know how I act, I can see a lot of lacking parts as well, which is disappointing.”

His character Yoo Si Jin is warm-hearted man who even acts cute, or seems cute, in front of the woman he loves. However, Song Joong Ki explains, “In real life, I tend to be a little cold. Some say that I’m a little rough around the edges, but I don’t really know. Haha! I guess if I had to choose, I think I’m more rough than cute.”

People who know Song Joong Ki seem to say that he doesn’t try to hide what he’s thinking, and is truthful. They also mention that “his heart is deep, and respects others” just as much as he is truthful. Those who don’t really know him could misunderstand his honesty for being brash.

During the interview, Song Joong Ki also discusses his future productions, and how he wants to develop himself both as an actor and a person.

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