Actor Ji Soo Runs Away From Protecting Kim So Hyun in

During the press conference that was held on March 24 for KBS2‘s new youth drama, “Page Turner,” Kim So Hyun recalls a funny incident that happened during filming.

She begins to explain that there is a scene where her character ends up meeting a big dog without a leash, and she gets scared because the dog begins to rush towards her. She says, “At that time, Ji Soo oppa is supposed to come and scold the owner of the dog. However, the dog seemed to think that the actor playing the owner, was actually its owner. So, when Ji Soo yelled at the ‘owner,’ the dog rushed towards Ji Soo instead. Ji Soo oppa got really frightened, and when he was supposed to protect me, he was the first to run away.”

Ji Soo responded by saying, “I tried to protect her. However, running away was instinct. I couldn’t help it. My heart wanted to protect So Hyun, but the dog was scary.”

Page Turner” is a three-part drama starring Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, and Shin Jae Ha. It tells the story of a piano genius and an athlete with a bulldozer-like personality, and how they end up living completely different lives after a sudden accident. The production is written by Heo Yun Sook and Park Hye Ryun, directed by Lee Jae Hoon. and will air its first episode on March 26, at 10:35 p.m. KST.

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