Celebrate Soompi’s 18th Birthday with a Chatroom, Shoutouts, and a Giveaway!

Happy birthday, Soompi, or as we call it on Twitter, #HAPPY18SOOMPIDAY! Now that we’ve finally hit the big 1-8, we’re celebrating with a few fun things for everyone to enjoy!

A birthday message from the celebrities you love

First of all, here are UP10TIONTWICE, and ASTRO wishing everyone a Happy Soompi Day! (Look out for their full interviews on Soompi, coming soon!)

A fun quiz

It seems hard to believe that Soompi has turned 18, right? If you’re thinking what we’re thinking – that Soompi may be older than some of your faves – you are absolutely right and you need to see if you can correctly answer the questions to “Are These Famous Names Older or Younger Than Soompi?

A birthday party… chatroom… with prizes!

Finally, we’re having a birthday party… and you’re invited! We are opening our very own chatroom on Slack, and we want you to be there! Meet new people who have the same interests you do, answer some trivia questions for a chance to win prizes, and be a part of the original K-pop community! It’s super easy to join. Just enter your email address (we won’t use it for anything other than admitting you into the chat) and join in the fun!

Come chat with us now!

And finally, a big thank you from us to you

18 years is a long time, especially in the world of K-pop and K-dramas, but we’ve always stayed true to one standard – to deliver the news in a way that’s positive, timely, and honest. Your support during all these years has meant the world to us, and always makes us want to try our very best!

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