2PM’s Chansung Encourages Fans to Vote in Election

2PM member Chansung has encouraged his fans and Twitter followers to get out and vote!

On March 26, the singer posted on his Twitter with the message, “The April 13 general election is coming up. There are only 18 days left. Politics might seem difficult to understand. But I think that it’s more important to develop a constant interest in politics than to know everything about it.”

He adds, “I don’t know a lot about politics either, but I believe that voting is an important thing for our present and future, and will prevent us from repeating the mistakes of our past. Please pay attention to the 20th general election!”

Chansung has often shown his interest in politics and society through his social media accounts, such as when he showed proof that he voted in the 2014 election, as well as spoke out about the handling of the Sewol Ferry disaster.

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