Jin Goo Answers If He Ever Feels Competitive Against the Song-Song Couple

Descendants of the Sun” has two popular love lines: Song Joong KiSong Hye Kyo and Jin GooKim Ji Won. However, when asked if he would like to top the other couple, Jin Goo casually replied that would be cheating.

During an interview with Insight on March 26, Jin Goo answered questions about his acting career and behind-the-scenes of “Descendants of the Sun.” When asked if he felt any competition against the Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo love line, he replied in the negative.

“When we’re at the set, I’ve never felt the need for competition. They have more film time than us, and they’re two top stars. It would cheating if we did better than the Song Song couple,” Jin Goo answered.

He also said that because the show was 100 percent pre-filmed, he never realized how sweet the romance between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo is.

“I admire Song Joong Ki for taking on such a romance,” he said as he added that he could tell why the public couldn’t help but love the Song Song couple.

He also said that despite netizens’ request for more Jin Goo-Kim Ji Won airtime, he is happy with his current number of appearances.

“Both Kim Ji Won and I thought we were given too much air time to begin with,” he said. “Even now, there was a lot of thinking behind every scene, and if I had more airtime than now, I would not have been able to produce the same quality as I do now.”

Meanwhile when asked to pick between his romance with Kim Ji Won or bromance with Song Joong Ki, he chose bromance after a long pause because he thought he did not show enough of the friendship between Yoo Shi Jin and Seo Dae Young.

“You can capture Yoo Shi Jin and Seo Dae Young’s strong friendship when Seo Dae Young announces his transfer of corps. Later on, there is only one more scene that shows their relationship. I wish there were more scenes that presented their friendship and trust for each other,” he said.

In the meantime, Jin Goo said Song Joong Ki is more of a man than he is.

“He has more gravity,” he said. “If you compare it to moms and dads, I would be the strict mom, and he would be the warm dad. While I spread everything out widely with much detail, he comes in like a man in strokes.”

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