Watch: Cao Lu Surprises Jo Se Ho With Her Concern and Support During Embarrassing Medical Exam

On March 26’s episode of “We Got Married,” FIESTAR‘s Cao Lu unabashedly supports her virtual husband Jo Se Ho despite his embarrassment during a trip to the doctor’s office.

While travelling in the car together, Cao Lu tells Jo Se Ho that she heard from his friend Nam Chang Hee that he has athlete’s foot on his right foot. Although Jo Se Ho is clearly embarrassed, Cao Lu says casually in her private interview that she’s seen plenty of people with athlete’s foot because trainees often get it from dancing so much.

Cao Lu asks him, “Shall we go to the hospital together?” When Jo Se Ho says he’s embarrassed to do that with her, Cao Lu replies, “No, we’re a couple! I’m worried about your health.”

cao lu jo se ho

When he agrees to get it checked out with her, Cao Lu tells him to take her hand. As they hold hands in the car, Cao Lu yells, “Athlete’s foot germs! You’re all going to get it!”

cao lu jo se ho 2

The pair then head to the hospital, where Jo Se Ho tries to cover Cao Lu’s ears so that she doesn’t hear all the details of his condition. However, when it’s time for his exam, she announces that she’ll be staying in the room as his protector, much to Jo Se Ho’s surprise.

But since he’s still clearly embarrassed, she puts her hand over her eyes and turns away, saying, “I’ll hold your hand.” The doctor then carries out the exam as the pair hold hands.

cao lu jo se ho 3

Watch the clip below!

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