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The first episode of KBS2TV‘s “Page Turner, which aired on March 26, showed the two main characters, Yoon Yoo Seul (Kim So Hyun) and Jung Cha Sik (Ji Soo) coming to terms with the fact they will no longer be able to do the things they once did, due to life-changing accidents.


Yoon Yoo Seul, who is one of the top pianists at her specialized high school for the arts, easily beats second place Suh Jin Mok (Shin Jae Ha) during a performance test.

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They are each other’s page turners, and during Yoon Yoo Seul’s turn, Suh Jin Mok attempts to sabotage her by “accidentally” dropping her sheet music. However, Yoon Yoo Seul calmly says, “You dropped that on purpose, didn’t you? But what shall we do? I’ve already memorized my music,” and finishes playing her piece marvelously. Once again, she beats Suh Jin Mok and maintains her top ranking.

However, later on, Yoon Yoo Seul ends up getting in a car accident while riding in her mom’s (Ye Ji Won) car, and damages her optic nerve, losing her vision.

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Despite receiving the news that her daughter can no longer see, Yoon Yoo Seul’s mom insists on her continuing piano. Eventually, a frustrated Yoon Yoo Seul can’t take it anymore and attempts to jump off the roof of the hospital, but is saved by Jung Cha Sik, who also happens to be at the hospital due to an accident.

Jung Cha Sik, a pole vaulter, was injured during one of his matches. While the injury itself will not cause problems, the x-ray showed another, more serious condition in his spine that needs surgical attention. He then receives the news that he will no longer be able to pole vault due to his condition.

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While Jung Cha Sik is disheartened at the news, he acts like everything is okay in front of his mom (Hwang Young Hee) in order to alleviate her worries. When he’s alone, however, he sadly cries to himself, “This is the only thing I have. If even this is taken away, what will I have left?”

Page Turner” is the story of a piano genius and a headstrong athlete who reestablish themselves after getting into life-changing accidents. It is a three-episode drama that is written by Park Hae Ryun and Heo Yoon Sook, and directed by Lee Jae Hoon. The next episode will air next Saturday, April 2.

Watch the first episode below!


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