Song Joong Ki’s Character in “Descendants of the Sun” Wasn’t Initally a Soldier?

Can you imagine Song Joong Ki’s character in “Descendants of the Sun” as anything other than the cheeky special ops captain? According to the screenplay writer, Yoo Si Jin was originally written as a doctor, not a soldier.

In the original story that “Descendants of the Sun” is based off of, Yoo Si Jin’s character was an emergency responder with the organization Doctors Without Borders. The original work was the winner of the 2011 Korea Story-Telling Contest, and was written by Kim Won Seok. Although the story won first place, it didn’t start being made into a drama until late 2014, where Kim Won Seok and his representative Seo Woo Sik agreed to let Kim Eun Sook write the screenplay with their supervision.

The drama was originally slated to be an SBS production; however, due to many factors – including the fact that Yoo Si Jin is a soldier – SBS turned the drama down and it ended up in KBS’s hands. Talk about a wasted opportunity!

Have you started watching “Descendants of the Sun”? If not, better late than never! Watch the first episode below.

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