Haha Explains What “Infinite Challenge” and “Running Man” Mean to Him

On the March 27 broadcast of MBC‘s “Section TV,” Haha talks about the tight bond between him and the long-running variety show “Infinite Challenge.”

The star, who recently made his comeback as a reggae artist, proves some points about his fellow cast members Park Myung Soo and Jung Joon Ha by calling them during the interview.

Before dialing, Haha mentions how he is convinced that Park Myung Soo will either not pick up or swear at him. Turns out that he is completely right, and soon after picking up, Park Myung Soo starts blurting out curse words.

Next, Haha gives a call to Jung Joon Ha, who starts complaining about his mission of auditioning for “Show Me the Money,” turning their discussion into bickering.

When finally asked what “Infinite Challenge” means to him, Haha confesses, “It’s my heart. I can’t live without it. Everyone knows this. Our fans tell us that we can’t do anything without ‘Infinite Challenge,’ and we know that.”

The reporter then asks him, “What about ‘Running Man?'” to which Haha replies, “It’s also my heart,” causing both of them to burst into laughter over his expanding heart.


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