“Our Neighborhood Music General” Takes Fifth Consecutive Win on “King of Mask Singer”

As of March 27, the contestant known as “Our Neighborhood Music General” has taken their fifth consecutive win on the MBC variety program “King of Mask Singer.”

So far, five consecutive wins is the highest record of wins on the show, originally set by musical theatre actress Cha Ji Yeon. If “General” wins another competition soon, he will have set a brand new record.


In the second round, “You’ve Played Around” faced off against “On That Green Meadow.” “You’ve Played Around” sang Insooni’s “Father” while the second contestant sang Lee Seung Yeol’s “Fly.”

“You’ve Played Around” won by 5 votes and “On That Green Meadow” was unmasked to reveal Choi Sung Won, who appeared in the tvN drama “Reply 1988.” “I never formally learned to sing, but I’ve always enjoyed it,” he said.

The next competition was between “Number 7” and “Love’s Emergency Landing.” “Number 7” won with Park Jung Hyun’s “For a Dream” and “Emergency Landing” turned out to be singer Choi Jae Hoon.

In the third round, “You’ve Played Around” and “Number 7” went head-to-head. “You’ve Played Around” gave a impressive performance of Park Bom’s “You and I” but eventually lost and turned out to be traditional folk singer Song Sohee.

“I wanted to fool at least 10% of the people, but I don’t think I succeeded,” she said. “But looking at the people with happy faces right now, I’m glad I decided to appear anyway.”

As a result, “Number 7” went up against “Our Neighborhood General.” “General” gave a powerful rendition of Park In Soo’s “Spring Rain” and won 75 votes to “Number 7’s” 24, who turned out to be SPICA’s Kim Bohyung.

Congratulations to the mysterious “General!”

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