The Perfect Korean Cast For Our Favorite Taiwanese Dramas

During the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that several Taiwanese dramas have had Korean remakes, such as “My Queen” (remade into “A Witch’s Romance“), “In Time With You” (remade into “The Time I Loved You“), and “Fated to Love You,” remade into the Korean drama of the same name.

But there are other Taiwanese dramas that have yet to receive the K-drama treatment. In this article, we ask “What if?” Who would play the leads in these totally imaginary remakes?


In a Good Way” was explosively popular in 2013 and 2014. Set in the nineties, this drama centers around Taiwanese university campus life and the government political setting during that era. The drama stars Lorene Ren as Lin Jia En, who followed her childhood best friend Ren Wei (Jay Shi) to university in Taipei (without receiving acceptance to the university). One day while trying to find Ren Wei on campus, she unexpectedly encounters Liu Chuan (Lego Li), a handsome, smart and very popular law student. After their meeting, they begin a sweet romance and they end up influencing each others’ lives in more ways than expected.

I know it sounds a lot like the “Reply” series, but if you watch the drama, the style and storytelling are very different. I’d love to see Korea do a remake of “In a Good Way;” I’d cast Park Seo Joon as the the all-star law student Liu Chuan – popular, outgoing, and from a well-connected family, but ironically is lonely inside and harbors many secrets.parkseonjoon-legoli

Park Bo Young could play the strong-willed girl from the countryside, Jia En. Her youthful looks and acting chops make her a great fit to play this role of someone who doesn’t have much life experience, but is a fast learner and always goes out of her way to help others.


Watch the first episode of “In a Good Way” here: [viki][/viki]


Just You” is a fun, light romantic comedy starring Aaron Yan and Puff Guo. Qi Yi (Aaron Yan) can be described as an arrogant, perfectionistic neat freak who needs to have everything in his life to be orderly. After giving up a successful opportunity in New York, Qi Yi returns to Taiwan after purchasing a small marketing company, along with a small historic home, with the intention of settling down. The problem arises after he finds out that the home he purchased already has a tenant Cheng Liang Liang (Puff Guo) who refuses to move. To complicate matters even further, he discovers that Liang Liang is also an employee of his company. As the new boss of the company, Qi Yi quickly starts making major changes in the workplace, including prohibiting office romances.

To be honest, after watching Kim Seul Gi and Yoon Doo Joon in the short drama “Splash Splash Love“, I need to see them act together again in a full-length drama. I think another rom-com like “Just You” would be great for the pair. Doo Joon would be the perfect actor to play the nitpicky germaphobe Qi Yi, while the role of the cheerful and bubbly Liang Liang is tailor made for Kim Seul Gi. Just think of all the cohabitation and office hijinks these two would create!

aaronyan-doojoon kimseulgi-puffguo

Prince Turns to Frog


For longtime Taiwanese drama watchers, you know “Prince Turns to Frog” is one of the classics. It’s an oldie but definitely a goodie in my books. The drama stars Ming Dao as Shan Jun Hao, a CEO of a large hotel chain, who can be described as a typical heir – cold, ruthless, and spoiled. He meets Ye Tian Yu (Joe Chen), a schemer who one day accidentally runs over Jun Hao with her car. Jun Hao loses all his memories and has a personality change, which suddenly turns him into a loving and kindhearted person. The two end up falling in love but Jun Hao loses his memories of Tian Yu and goes back to being a spoiled heir. Tian Yu works hard to get Jun Hao to remember her and their love.

I can totally envision Joo Won playing the two sides of Jun Hao, who is cold and ruthless but has a kind and sweet side to him deep down.


Jung Eun Ji would be great as our schemer Tian Yu who is a very caring person at her core.


Also, just as a FYI, China already has their own remake of the drama called “Waking Love Up” starring Roy Chiu and Tiffany Tang.


Moon River” stars Pets Tseng as a highly skilled martial artist Ming Xiao Xi who is admitted to the elite Guang Yu University. On her first day of school, she becomes enemies with the most popular flower boys on campus while attempting to save her friend. The head honcho of this group of pretty boys is Mu Liu Bing (Sam Lin). Through various events and incidents, Liu Bing of course ends up falling deeply for the eccentric Xiao Xi.

While watching “Moon River,” I noticed many fans thought that Sam Lin resembles CNBLUE’s lead guitarist and vocalist Lee Jong Hyun. I think it’s quite appropriate to cast Jong Hyun as Liu Bing’s Korean counterpart. Can you see the resemblance?


However, it took me awhile to pick an actress to play Xiao Xi. I finally decided upon Park So Dam, whom I believe can bring out the lovable quirkiness of the character. Just imagine Park So Dam always rescuing Jong Hyun in dire situations! Plus, I think they’d look really great together visually.


Watch the first episode of “Moon River” here: [viki][/viki]


“Black & White” is one of my top favorite Taiwanese dramas of all time. Besides rom-coms, I love a great crime thriller and the hugely popular “Black & White” fits the bill perfectly. The drama stars Pi Zi (Vic Zhou) and Ying Xiong (Mark Chao) who both play cops who are each other’s polar opposites. When the two are brought together as partners for a case, tensions flare. They eventually start to work together as the number of deaths increases in the city and clues start pointing towards corruption involving political figures, law enforcement, and the military.

I would describe “Black & White” as a drama that meets more than the eye, with constant twists and turns. It definitely deserves a remake. I would cast Jin Goo as the hot-headed, rash and justice-obsessed cop Ying Xiong.


For the lazy, easygoing womanizer Pi Zi, I’d pick Jung Kyung Ho.


Finally, I’d cast Jo Bo Ah as the spunky Chen Lin (Ivy Chen), the daughter of a mob boss who creates a very complicated triangle with our two heroes.



Prince of Wolf” is my favorite Taiwanese drama right now. It stars Derek Chang as the literally feral Ze Ming, who gets lost during a family camping trip as a child. While wandering off deep into the woods, he becomes accepted by a wolf tribe. Ze Ming grows ups with the wolves, and he learns to hunt and survive in the wild without losing his human traits. Mi Mi, played by Amber An, is a photographer who encounters Ze Ming at Wolf Mountain while taking pictures of the beautiful landscape. Ze Ming is captivated by Mi Mi and believes she is his female wolf mate. From then on, Ze Ming decides to leave Wolf Mountain and follow Mi Mi back to the human world.

It’s almost a no-brainer that I would cast Song Joong Ki as Ze Ming. Although he played a similar role in “A Werewolf Boy,” they’re still two very different characters. Ze Ming is such an innocent, pure, and thoughtful guy – it’s definitely the perfect fit for Song Joong Ki.


As for Mi Mi, I’d choose Han Hyo Joo to play the aspiring amateur photographer. Han Hyo Joo would be perfect playing this adventurous, positive, and warm character.



What are some of your favorite Taiwanese dramas? Would you like to see them remade into a K-drama?


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