Fans Express Disappointment at Organizers of EXO’s Concert in Shanghai

Fans are complaining about how EXO‘s K-FRIENDS concert in Shanghai was different than how it was originally advertised.

On March 27, Chinese news outlet Sina reported, “The commotion regarding EXO’s K-FRIENDS concert is never-ending.”

The organizers who hosted the concert advertised EXO’s K-FRIENDS Shanghai concert would be held on March 27, for three hours from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. (local time). All EXO members were to be present, with a total of 10 songs and other events planned for the concert.

At the news that all the members of EXO would attend, the ticket prices skyrocketed to 4000-6000 yuan (approximately $600-$900), with front row seats reaching 10,000 yuan (approximately $1,500).

However, unlike what was advertised, EXO’s Lay was unable to attend due a schedule conflict with movie filming, and instead of 10 songs, they only performed five. The concert ended before 9 p.m. (local time), igniting a heated response from fans who attended, asking for refunds.

After the concert ended, one fan who was there explains, “It seems like the organizers did not prepare anything. They even pressured fans to prepare various items, such as full-length mirrors, clothes hangers, and irons, to use backstage.”

Another fan says, “Yesterday was EXO’s Xiumin‘s birthday, and Kai even attended with crutches. It was a special day for fans. However, the organizers not only scammed the fans, but also treated EXO unjustly. We demand an explanation and proper compensation.”

Later, the organizers revealed the contract publicly, explaining that they are also the victims of a double contract.

In an interview with Sina, a representative of the concert organizers states, “We did not enter into a contract directly with SM Entertainment. There was a Korean company as well as another Chinese advertising company involved, and the Chinese company was the one who breached the contract. On the day of the concert, representatives from the Chinese company did not appear, so we could not communicate with the other Korean company nor do we know the details of the contract itself.”

They conclude, “We advertised the information word for word as we received it. We removed Lay from the performers list after later learning about his inability to attend. We will release more concrete details regarding refunds for tickets at a later time.”

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