“Descendants of the Sun” Writer Fee Gets Speculated

On the March 28 episode of Channel A’s “Heard It Through the Grapevine,” the reporters discussed writer Kim Eun Sook and her writing fee. Writer Kim Eun Sook is well known for her current work, “Descendants of the Sun,” “Secret Garden,” and other hit dramas.

On this episode of “Heard It Through the Grapevine,” a reporter noted, “Writer Kim Eun Sook started writing dramas after she graduated college at a producer friend’s suggestion. At the time, she made 700,000 won (approximately $600) per month.”

Since then, writer Kim Eun Sook wrote several hit dramas and is now considered one of the top drama writers in the industry.

Some reports speculate that she is receiving 30 million won (approximately $26,000) per episode for her current work “Descendants of the Sun.”

Another reporter said that there is even a rumor that she receives as high as 70 million won to 80 million won (approximately $60,000 to $69,000) per episode.

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