Meet Bo Bo and Mo Mo! Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin Go on Their First Date


The birth of Bo Bo and Mo Mo!

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The first episode of “We Are In Love” treated viewers to Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin‘s first meeting and self-introductions, including moments of cute awkwardness, laughs, and even sweet heart fluttering moments. Episode two opens with Ji Hyo and Bolin reaching their next destination, a romantic restaurant with a beautiful night view of Seoul.

Awkwardly, the two of them start introducing themselves again in both in Korean and Mandarin. Sensing the awkwardness, Ji Hyo takes the initiative to talk more. She starts explaining to Bolin that in Korea, many people choose this restaurant for blind dates because of the night view. Also, many people have successfully gotten married after having their blind dates at this restaurant, therefore making it very famous. Bolin is shocked at the sudden mention of marriage. However, he understands that she is trying to make him feel more comfortable.

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As the two wait for dinner, Ji Hyo sees Bolin wiping his hands, and suddenly remembers her messy room at the traditional Korean house. She assures Bolin that she is a neat person despite the mess he saw earlier. Hilariously, Ji Hyo continues to explain that she washes her hands so much that they’re nearly cracked. Bolin can’t help but laugh, and teases her that it seems she only washes her hands. Flustered, Ji Hyo says she washes a lot and always brushes her teeth. Bolin then excuses himself to the washroom to wash his hands. Much to our amusement, Ji Hyo begins sniffing her clothes and hair to make sure there’s no smell, and Bolin comes out, catching her in the act.

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Their food arrives and the two begin to eat their meal. Bolin starts to tell Ji Hyo that in his home he has a lot of candles. The last time he traveled to England he didn’t buy things such as clothing, but rather candles. Ji Hyo happily gives Bolin a high five to show their common love for candles.

Ji Hyo mentions that she makes her own candles using her favorite scents, and says she will make one for him next time. Bolin is surprised and very impressed that she can make her own candles. However, he expresses slight disappointment that the candle Ji Hyo gave him earlier was store bought, instead of handmade by her.


Since they are in South Korea, Ji Hyo decides to take charge of their date. She asks Bolin if there is anything in particular he wants to do in Korea. Bolin says he wants to wander around the streets, to see beautiful places. During his time shooting a movie in Korea, the only places he went to were the shooting locations. Therefore, he didn’t have time to relax and explore. Ji Hyo totally understands and sympathizes with him as she rarely goes out without a mask and cap. Ji Hyo says she wants to go for a walk in the park with her boyfriend and go shopping with just the two of them, but never gets a chance to do it.

The two also learn they are both homebodies. Ji Hyo confesses that having dinner with him in such a romantic place seems like a dream to her. Even though she invited Bolin to this place, she feels like she is satisfying herself as well.

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Bolin agrees and understands. He says it’s rare for him to go out in a suit and tie, and asks Ji Hyo if it’s okay if to take off his tie to feel more relaxed. Ji Hyo agrees to let him take it off. In the behind-the-scenes interview, Ji Hyo says that when Bolin took off his tie, she felt that he’s such a charming man. She says to Bolin that she wants to go on another date with him the next day, and Bolin says he is looking forward to it.

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For their first official date, Bolin and Ji Hyo meet at Samcheong-dong, a unique, artistic area in Seoul, and a hot spot for dates. They’re both happy that they can walk around freely without wearing a hat and mask to hide their identities. Bolin says he will take lots of pictures of her today, since they’re not hiding their faces.

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Bolin spots a place making hotteok (Korean sweet pancake) and Ji Hyo takes him to go try one. While eating, Ji Hyo clumsily spills the sugar from the hotteok onto her white sweater. The owner (a lady) helps to clean off Ji Hyo’s sweater while Bolin helps hold her hair back. Ji Hyo is super embarrassed by the situation while Bolin just finds it super cute.

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After having their snack, Ji Hyo and Bolin discover a rubber stamp shop. Ji Hyo introduces Bolin to the owner as her boyfriend. He is shocked with her straightforwardness, but still likes that she’s introducing him to others as her boyfriend. Ji Hyo tells the owner that Bolin is a foreigner, and that they want something meaningful in Hangul (Korean alphabet).

In a flashback, the two discuss how they should address each other in the future. Ji Hyo suggests Bo Bo (the Bo in Bolin). Bolin tries to come up with a nickname for Ji Hyo and suggests “Kwi Ji,” meaning “Cute Ji,” but Ji Hyo tells him that in Korean it means earwax! Ji Hyo suggests apple (sa gwa), because she loves eating them. This time, Bolin bursts out laughing saying no to that name, because in Mandarin “sa gwa” means idiot!  In the end they agree with Ji Hyo being called Mo Mo.

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They get their nicknames made into couple rubber stamps and both are extremely pleased by their finished stamps. They even take a selfie to commemorate the occasion.

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Ji Hyo and Bolin are snacking again while walking around the streets. Bolin sees a wall full of graffiti and says it’s very cute, but Ji Hyo becomes noticeably uncomfortable.  It turns out she previously took a picture with Gary in front of the same wall on an episode of “Running Man.” Ji Hyo tries to get Bolin to leave quickly, but he wants to take a picture of the wall with her. Ji Hyo quickly runs away and leads him to a nearby coffee shop.

Inside the coffee shop, Bolin asks why she ran away, but Ji Hyo changes the subject by asking the owner to make them some delicious coffee. While enjoying their Vienna coffee, they notice the drawings by the owner displayed all around the shop. Ji Hyo asks the owner if he could draw a sketch of them.

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Ji Hyo is the first to get sketched, while Bolin tries to distract her by continuously talking to her and making faces. It’s the same for Bolin’s turn, with Ji Hyo continuously poking his face and pulling his ear. Their sketches are finished and they take photos with their sketches.

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The owner suggests they try sketching each other and says it’s actually more fun if they draw it ugly. Bolin begins sketching Ji Hyo first, and she quickly becomes embarrassed as he stares at her intently, trying to draw her face.

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Next is Ji Hyo’s turn to sketch Bolin. It’s so adorable how serious and focused she is trying to sketch him. Bolin teases her and asks her why she keeps opening her mouth while drawing.

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Ji Hyo finally finishes her sketch of Bolin and it’s so hilariously simple, despite the amount of time she spent on it. In good boyfriend fashion, Bolin can only say that it’s really cute upon seeing the drawing. However, in the behind-the-scenes interview, he admits he thought there would be lots of outlines, feelings and emotions in the drawing, since she spent so much time drawing. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

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Due to the cold weather, Ji Hyo suggests they go to a jjimjilbang (Korean bathhouse). Inside, they enjoy some boiled eggs and sikhye (sweet rice beverage). They also eat some tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), and once again, Ji Hyo spills the sauce on her clothes.

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Inside the sauna, Ji Hyo challenges Bolin to a bet to see who who can stay inside the longest. The loser has to grant the winner a wish. Funnily enough, both of them are dying from the heat, but both also refuse to lose. Bolin even provokes Ji Hyo by saying he’s feeling really cold, and starts to do push-ups. Ji Hyo then suggests they do sit-ups inside the sauna. She loses rock-paper-scissors to Bolin and does the sit-ups first. They both agree to do 20, but Bolin sweetly lets her off saying she finished, even though she didn’t, as she had lost count. Next it’s Bolin’s turn and while counting, Ji Hyo keeps repeating certain numbers, thus making him do more sit-ups than required.

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After their exercises, Bolin suddenly starts to cough due to the heat in the room. Feeling bad, Ji Hyo decides to go outside to get him some water, thus making her the loser of the bet. As they cool off and enjoy their drinks, Ji Hyo asks what Bolin’s wish is and hopes it won’t be anything difficult. Bolin requests a shoulder massage and Ji Hyo is extremely confident, as she always gives her parents massages. Much to Bolin’s surprise, Ji Hyo is really good, and he compliments her on her skills. Bolin offers to give Ji Hyo a massage, but he, unlike Ji Hyo, is not very good at it. Ji Hyo stops his massage, gets up and grabs a disappointed looking Bolin’s hand, and leads him to another area. Here, viewers will have to wait till the next episode to see how the date continues.


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If you were disappointed that Ji hyo and Bolin’s segment ended, the producers treated viewers to some bonus footage of the two at the end of the episode.

We see the two at the restaurant from the previous night’s dinner. Ji Hyo asks Bolin if he has any hobbies such as playing instruments. Bolin says he knows how to play the guitar, though not very well; he likes to play when he’s at home. Ji Hyo confesses she loves the sound of guitars, and even tried to learn how to play, but eventually gave up because it hurt her fingers. Bolin agrees with her that playing hurts the fingers. Ji Hyo says she really likes instruments, especially guitars. Bolin looks around the restaurant and borrows a guitar. He plays one of Ji Hyo’s favorite melodies, while she is just barely holding it together, trying to keep from swooning to death (and I’m pretty sure we are doing the same!).


I find it hilarious that Ji Hyo keeps insisting that she’s a neat/clean person when we see her dropping food all over her clothes throughout the episode. It’s okay, Ji Hyo, it’s not a crime to be messy. As long as you have a handsome guy like Bolin around to help you clean, it’s all good!

I nearly lost it when Bolin was sketching Ji Hyo’s portrait and they started playing Yoon Mi Rae‘s OST song Always from “Descendants of the Sun.” The way Bolin looked at Ji Hyo and the way Ji Hyo smiled at him… OMG *Swoons.* Their chemistry is fire.

It’s quite obvious they are the popular star couple of the show hands down. If you actually watch the other couples, you can see they don’t get along all that well. I love how quickly they become more comfortable with each other after just two meetings. They share so many commonalities and a deep understanding of each other due to their careers as celebrities. It’s great Ji Hyo can just be herself around Bolin, and in turn he can also relax and feel comfortable around her as well, like when he asked if he could take off his tie. It definitely works as they’re both very laid back people.

If you weren’t a fan of Bolin before, I find it nearly impossible for most people to honestly say they dislike him after watching him on this show. I’ve always been a fan of Bolin and he’s totally my ideal type: the attentive Virgo man. I discovered what a cute giggle and laugh Bolin has. He’s the epitome of a manly man, yet has this hidden cute side to him. I was surprised, like Ji Hyo, that Bolin also knows how to play guitar. As if we couldn’t love him anymore already. For myself, if a guy knows how to play an instrument, especially piano or guitar, his attractiveness level goes up 1000x points.


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