GOT7’s “Fly” MV Surpasses 7 Million Views in Just 10 Days

The music video for GOT7‘s latest title track “Fly” has reached 7 million views on YouTube!

This impressive milestone was reached on March 30, around ten days after the music video release on March 21. At this rate, “Fly” is expected to hit 10 million within the next couple of days.

Soon after the counter hit 7 million, JYP Entertainment expressed their gratitude to fans via Twitter and revealed a new dance practice video for “Fly.”


Fans’ support for GOT7’s comebacks has been particularly intense over the past year. Last summer, the music video for “Just Right” broke 10 million views in three weeks and is now about to hit 50 million. Just a couple of months later, the video for “If You Do” surpassed five million views within the first week of its release.

Meanwhile, the boy group took their first music show win for “Fly” on this week’s “The Show.”

Check out the music video and the latest dance practice clip for “Fly” below!

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